DISASM.dll is Win32 DLL to provide disassembler of byte code sequence. It supports 16 and 32 bit instructions up to Pentium 3 processor, including float point. It is using the same code as embedded disassemblers of SocketSpy and XEdit utilities. Price of full version of disasm.dll is US$19.99.
Source code of disassembler in ANSI C costs
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It has 2 export functions:
void SetIntelMode(int b32Bits)
The function select decoding mode, when b32Bits = 1, it will be 32 bit mode, otherwise 16 bit mode. The function has no return value.
int disassembler(unsigned char * pbyBuffer,
                 unsigned long dwAddress,
                 char * lpDisasmStr,
                 int bReturnWithCodes,
                 int bReturnWithAddress);
The function provides conversion of binary byte code sequence to ASCII string of assembler instruction.

pbyBuffer pointer to byte array of the instruction queue, the buffer should be with read/write access and its contents may be modified during interpretation, because of this, use only copy of original instruction array.
dwAddress - physical addess (IP register value) for current instruction
lpStr pointer to the char array to accept disassembled string, array should be big enough for disassembled string, instruction codes, and address of one instruction (usually 128 should enough)
bReturnWithCodes return with code byte
(when bReturnWithCodes = 1, lpStr contains instruction codes, for example CD 2E INT 2E, otherwise it contains only assembler mnemonics - INT 2E.
bReturnWithAddress - lpStr begins with hex value of
dwAddress, for example: 04000000 CD 2E INT 2E.

Return value:
number of decoded byte, for example if you input pbyBuffer contains the for following codes:
CD 2E 90 2E 8A 1E 9C 90 F8 C3 50 26 8B 07 A9 02
00 75 05 2E FF 06 94 90-2E 80 3C 00 34 00 2B 0B

lpStr will receive string:
CD 2E INT 2E (bReturnWithCodes = 1) return value will be equal 2 and index of pbyBuffer should be incremented by 2 for next execution of disassembler function.
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Test application screen shot

Example of code


#include "dasmdll.h"  //disassember DLL template
void main()
   char szDisasmBuffer[256];
   unsigned long dwAddressStart;
   unsigned long dwAddressEnd;
   unsigned char * pbyCodeBuffer;
   int nIndex;
   printf("Disassembler Test Application\n\n");
      start: mov eax,offset start
             mov dword ptr dwAddressStart,eax
             mov eax,offset end
             mov dword ptr dwAddressEnd,eax
             jmp end
//additional assembler lines, not executable
             sidt [ebx]
             mov  al,byte ptr [eax]
             push ds
             pop  dx
             call [eax+esi]
             imul eax
             bt   ax,1
      end:   nop
   SetIntelMode(1 /* TRUE*/);
   nIndex = dwAddressEnd - dwAddressStart;
   pbyCodeBuffer = (unsigned char  *)malloc(nIndex); memcpy(pbyCodeBuffer,(const void*)dwAddressStart,nIndex);
   nIndex =  0;
      nIndex + = disassembler(&pbyCodeBuffer[nIndex],dwAddressStart  nIndex
             szDisasmBuffer 1, 1);
Screen Shot of previous example