Simple console IRC BOT version 3.8c (with source files form version 1.1)  for WIN NT/95/98/2000/XP YOU MAY RECEIVE FOR FREE SOURCE FILES OF LATEST VERSION AS WELL plus consultation how it works, discuss modifications and so on PLS WRITE TO and ask me HOW TO DO IT? EXE file of IRCBOT is FREE of viruses or Trojans. For download click here.

This bot has very compact code, does not use MFC shell of Winsocks, it is very quick in actions and may be easy controlled remotely. The bot can keep your channel and you may request OP from them and control its actions using password. Bot uses standard IRC port 6667. Source code of early version is presented.

 How to use:
Run from console (DOS) window using the following command string:

ircbot Name_or_IP_of_IRC_Server BotNick BotName Password #channel where Name_or_IP_of_IRC_Server is name of IRC server for example IRC.MV.RU or
               IP -
               BotNick - Bot's Nick for example IamBot (without spaces)
               BotName - any name (without spaces)
               Password - case sensitive password without spaces, will be use to receive OP from BOT
                #channel - channel name where bot will enter, should always begin with #
               later you make bot part this channel and enter to others.
If bot has OP in selected channel you may enter in this channel and send to the bot
a private message beginning with Password ONLY (using correct case) and BOT will give you OP.

You may control BOT's actions by sending private messages to him, from other
IRC client workstations, using different client programs (mIRC or Pirch).
All controlling messages should begin with Password ONLY (use correct case in Password,
Password is case sensitive)!

For example, if you password is "MyActions" you may use the following commands (in two versions:
and RFC-1459 - the document which contains description of Internet Relay Protocol - IRC):
       for help
           MyActions /help
       to make bot join channel "#mychannel"
           MyActions /join #mychannel
           MyActions join #mychannel

        to make bot part channel "#mychannel"
             MyActions /part #mychannel
             MyActions part #mychannel

         to make bot give you a OP in channel #mychannel
             MyActions mode #mychannel +o nick_who_receive_OP
             MyActions mode #mychannel +o nick_who_receive_OP

         to make bot part channel "#mychannel"
             MyActions /list #mychannel
             MyActions list #mychannel

 other commands to control BOT's actions may be used only in RFC-1459 versions,
but all of them must begins with Password, for example:

          to send a message from BOT to channel #mychannel
               MyActions privmsg #mychannel :hi, I am bot
          to send a message from BOT to user with nick Alex
               MyActions privmsg Alex :hi, I am bot

          to quit bot's connections with server:
              MyActions quit :I am bot, I am leaving you

For other controls commnads see RFC-1459.
Replies on all other requests which does not begin with password will be
            If you know a password send me a private
            message with case sensitive Password+any IRC command
            (see RFC-1459), for example
            pAssWoRD MODE #mychannel +o Amiga_
            (to give OP for user Amiga_ on channel #mychannel)
  this way you may control my actions and have a good yesterday!

You may control BOT from console windows using RFC-1459 type command or some mIRC
command (for detail type /help) string:

For example:
         join #name_of_channel 
         privmsg #channel/nick :hi, bla,bla,bla
         part #channel
         quit :bye-bye
and other
         /nick MyNewNick
         /msg #ottawa hi, folks

To stop BOT use RFC-1459 quit command or CTRL/Break

Small BUG: If you receive some garbage in the bottom of the screen
(command line field, please press to clean it) 

Try and enjoy!